Where Great Ideas Are Born

Calling all risk-takers, innovators, dreamers and makers.

Whether you’re getting your business off the ground, taking it to new heights, or starting from a blank sheet of paper, Osborn370 is built for ideas. As the iconic and formerly private tower of Ecolab, Osborn370 is being completely redesigned for an inviting, open, and collaborative environment to foster creativity and innovation. Our unique, community-focused model helps modern businesses work together to grow. Perfect for start-ups, freelancers and companies of all sizes and sorts. This is not your father’s office...because you can’t have lightbulb moments under flourescent lighting.

20 story iconic steel and glass building located in downtown St. Paul

10,000 square foot floor plates

Amenity rich with outdoor plazas, soft seating, conference and meeting spaces

Available September 2017

For Leasing Information:

Tanya Bell 651-253-5435   tbell@grandrea.com

Judd Fenlon 651-492-1741   jfenlon@grandrea.com

1664 Grand Avenue, Suite 3
St. Paul, MN 55105


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